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GIFTED Healthcare is the top travel nursing agency providing top government nursing jobs and solutions.

Government Nurse Jobs & Staffing

Women-owned, GIFTED Healthcare provides nurse staffing solutions to numerous local, state, and federal government facilities across the United States. The federal government facilities that benefit from our staffing solutions include VA Hospitals, Indian Health Services and Department of Defense Medical Treatment Centers. GIFTED is proud of our nurses who assist the government in providing excellent healthcare to active duty personnel and their families, military retirees, and more.

To meet your facility’s staffing demands, GIFTED provides nurses for long-term and travel nursing contracts, as well as per diem and part-time staff. Our robust and focused strategic marketing, sourcing and recruiting allow us to meet the needs of government contracts quickly.

GIFTED provides contract management services that meet the unique requirements of federal nursing contracts.

Review our complete Federal Supply Schedules:

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GIFTED staffs the following government nurse jobs:

  • RN General
  • RN Specialty
  • Certified Emergency Medical Tech. EMT/Paramedic
  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • LPN
  • Medical Assistant
  • CNA
  • Medical Technologist
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Radiologic Technologist
  • Nurse Practitioner

Why We’re The Top Travel Nurse Agency Today

Our government nurse jobs give nurses the opportunity to make essential contributions to our country while earning a great income. The government nurse assignments that we offer allow you to serve a unique population of patients thus making the nurse job even more rewarding.

GIFTED Healthcare ensures that all our nurses who are interested in government nurse jobs are screened to the high government standards. This allows us to acquire accurate evaluation of the experience level of our candidates and the appropriate government placement where the candidate can excel in.

We are well-experienced in the nursing should clinical questions arise, you can guarantee that we will have answers for you. Our office nurses work with our nurses and clients to offer support.

Patients come first with us, hence we ensure that we provide the best support, especially for our nurses, as well as the candidates looking to have a place in a government health care facility. We do this by making sure that our government nurses and all our nurses are well taken care of to guarantee that they are focused on the patients and their welfare.

We value the work of the nurse and look forward to supporting our Government clients with strategic nurse talent solutions. Aside from being a part of your facility, you can guarantee that we will also provide value to your company every step of the way. We don’t just provide you with excellent government nurses, we make sure that everything is in order to ensure a smooth partnership.

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