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We are as passionate about your experience and career as you are. Join thousands of nurses and clinicians who have chosen nurse-owned GIFTED Healthcare.

We offer extraordinary career opportunities including per diem, travel, government and infusion positions.

What Makes GIFTED Healthcare Unique

GIFTED Healthcare is a leader in creative solutions, using the talents of the nurse in order to exceed the expectations of our clinicians and clients. Meet our experienced team of nurse leaders and learn why so many nurses and healthcare institutions have chosen GIFTED Healthcare.

At GIFTED Healthcare we provide extraordinary opportunities that meet each nurses unique needs and lifestyle. Apply today to be a GIFTED Nurse.

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Nurse-Founded. Nurse-Passionate.

We were nurses long before we were an agency which makes us the best nurse advocates. We value your worth beyond just the totality of your experience, placing a premium on character and compassion, rather than rank or a road‐tested resume. When it comes to your placement and professional trajectory, count on us to see your potential and maximize every opportunity for you.

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Our Nursing Jobs Service Include


Go where you want, when you want, with GIFTED Healthcare at your back. We offer our nurses exceptional assignments throughout the United States. Whether it is the location, pay package, or a dream that motivates you…we can make it happen. Start your search now.


Local and Per Diem

If you are looking for an opportunity to supplement your income or the stability of a long-term assignment to diversify your career, GIFTED Healthcare can help you find the perfect assignment in your own backyard.


Private Duty

It is our privilege to provide GIFTED private duty services to families in their home setting. Whether recovering from a surgery, illness, or aging in place, our goal is to support our GIFTED caregivers in caring for families and provide them with invaluable peace of mind.



In the spirit of keeping the nurse at the bedside, we proudly offer a division of nurses who work directly with patients to teach, train and administer infusions in a variety of settings. Companies who work with us know their patients are in GIFTED hands, receiving superior care through comprehensive scheduling, visiting and documentation.



Work anywhere in the U.S. on your current state license! GIFTED Healthcare’s Government Division provides a unique avenue for healthcare providers interested in experiencing the perks and benefits of Government employment. Let our dedicated recruiters build a custom opportunity for you today.



For a change of pace that’s rewarding, challenging and educational our LTAC opportunities offer some of the most lucrative compensation packages in the industry. These hospitals provide specialized care to patients with severe medical conditions. Accept the challenge and make a difference.