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Gifted Healthcare at the Healthcare Travelers Take Conference

The Healthcare Travelers Take Conference held in New Orleans on May 8-9, 2023 was an exciting event for healthcare professionals seeking new opportunities. Gifted Healthcare was proudly represented by our Recruitment and Credentialing teams.

Guest speaker Tania Loumiet, RN and CNO of Gifted Healthcare, delivered a compelling presentation. It was titled “How to Find the Right Environment.” Her talk provided guidance to travel nurses on how to identify ideal work settings while growing in a healthcare career. This presentation has an emphasis on how to find opportunities that aligncwith their personal and professional goals. Tania’s insights and background knowledge of nursing aimed to enhance job satisfaction and fulfillment in for travel nursing careers.

At the conference, nurses had the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of recruiters from the industry. Georgette Wendt and Sarah Williams represented Gifted Healthcare on the stage. Both Georgette and Sarah shared invaluable insights into the hiring process and provided strategies for candidates to differentiate themselves in highly sought-after job markets.

Throughout the event, attendees stopped by the Gifted Healthcare booth where they had the chance to connect with our team.  In addition, booth visitors had the opportunity to enter a giveaway. All visitors entered for a chance to win the grand prize—a $200 Southwest gift card from Gifted.

Finally, the Healthcare Travelers Take Conference offered a wealth of information through expert speakers, insightful panel discussions, and meaningful networking opportunities. Gifted Healthcare remains committed to supporting healthcare professionals in their travel nursing journeys, and we are looking forward to participating next year!

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