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Scrubs Brands You’ll Love as a Travel Nurse

As a nurse, one of the most, if not the most, important pieces of clothing you wear is your scrubs. Travel Nurse Scrubs are the uniform that you wear throughout every shift which means it needs to be comfortable, durable, and functional. With so many scrubs brands available, you have so many to choose from. To help make the decision easier, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best scrubs brands that nurses rave about.

Check out this list of top-rated scrubs.


Figs are a popular brand among nurses because they are not only comfortable, but trendy as well. The company is committed to helping healthcare professionals like you look, feel, and perform at your best. The material is core-spun for maximum durability to withstand the demands you face with each shift and they offer a variety of fun colors!

One customer review states, “They fit amazing, feel amazing, and make me feel good, like I’m not wearing a shapeless bag for work anymore. Bought 2 more pairs immediately.”

Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs are a popular choice among nurses for their comfort and durability as well. The brand offers a variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect scrubs that meets your needs. Many nurses rave about the softness of the fabric and the comfortable fit, as well as the pockets and storage option which are key for your busiest shifts!

One customer review states, “I love these scrubs! They are soft and comfortable to wear, and I love the pockets for holding all my essentials. They wash well and look great even after multiple washes.”

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

The Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs line is a popular choice among nurses who want a stylish and functional scrubs. The brand offers a variety of styles, colors, and prints, so you can find the perfect scrubs that fits your personal style. Nurses rave about the quality of the fabric and the comfortable fit, as well as the durability of the scrubs. Plus, you can channel your inner Meredith Grey on each shift!

One customer review states, ” I love these scrubs, half the price of other brands and they fit even better. I am a small human and it’s hard to find the right fit for me but these fit perfectly.”

Barco Scrubs

Barco Scrubs have a unique style that nurses rave about. From joggers to Motto detailing, you have the stylistic freedom to find what fits your vibe.  The company has been around for 90+ years and prides itself on providing comfort for healthcare heroes.

One customer review states, “This is my favorite scrubs ever! I have it in 2 colors in steel and black. It’s very comfortable and the fit is right. I like that it’s also soft and breathable. I always get compliments from my co-workers when I wear this scrubs set!”

WonderWink Scrubs

WonderWink Scrubs house more than 10 collections of scrubs designs, including maternity. The brand  provides scrubs that move flex and stretch to go everywhere you do during your shift. Their scrubs design also includes bungees for IDs, accessory loops to clip on important tools, pockets for everything else, and even hidden pockets for those items you want to keep extra secure.

One customer review states, “Wonderwink Four Stretch are the ONLY scrubs/uniforms I will wear. The absolute best quality and fit true to size. I wear large, but always purchase one size up for extra room, just a personal preference.”

Stock Up On Travel Nurse Scrubs

When it comes to finding the perfect set of scrubs, there are many brands to choose from and these are just a few that we know our Gifted nurses love. Whether you’re looking for comfort, style, or durability, these brands are sure to have the perfect scrubs for you. Plus, we know you can never have too many!

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