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Gifted Healthcare Hires Suzanne Masino as the Vice President of Its School-Based Therapy Company, Therapia Staffing

Therapia Staffing hires Suzanne Masino, an Occupational Therapist by education, with a profoundly diverse 25-year career in healthcare as a practicing therapist, celebrated recruitment leader, and technology-focused business owner. Masino is now Vice President of Gifted’s School-Based Therapy Company, Therapia Staffing.

Masino’s immense experience will drive Therapia’s School-Based Therapy Team toward growth and expanded opportunities. Masino has a vast background in innovative healthcare staffing solutions. She founded her healthcare consulting company, Staffing Innovations Inc., in 2015, where she implemented creative growth and operations strategies for school-based therapy staffing companies across the country. Additionally, Masino co-founded Matchwell, a cloud-based technology platform and marketplace that directly connects facilities and clinicians.

“Masino joins Therapia Staffing with profound industry experience that will enhance the scope of our service,” said Dennis Ducham, Gifted Healthcare CEO. “Her success in school-based healthcare staffing and front-line experience as an Occupational Therapist brings insight and a client-centric perspective to this fast-growing service line.”

“I am excited to join Therapia Staffing during a time of intense growth and expansion,” said Masino. “I plan to help drive this growth with my clinical background and experience in staffing innovation. Most importantly, I look forward to making an impact on the delivery of care in our school systems.”

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