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6 Steps to Purpose

Here are 6 steps that will help you find and live your purpose. 1. Identify your purpose. And write it down. Your purpose should be one-sentence and memorable—it is not a mission statement or company vision. A business purpose statement is defined as your corporate reason for being; why you do what you do. - Disney’s purpose statement is “to make everyone happy” - Nike’s is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world (and if you have a body you are an athlete)”. When crafting your purpose statement first identify your organization’s impact on the lives…

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Great 100 Nurses

Gifted Healthcare's own Carol Robinson was interviewed July 23, 2015 on behalf of the Great 100 Nurses Celebration of Oklahoma. Learn more about the Great 100 Nurses Celebration and watch Carol's interview here!

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Announcing Arkansas Division

Gifted Healthcare is excited to announce the addition of both a new division and the inclusion of a highly experienced leadership team! Beginning June 1st, GIFTED HEALTHCARE will have a local presence in Little Rock, Arkansas. This division will be run by Rodney Priest, RN., Russell Johnson, RN., and Danny Priest, along with their local team of experienced schedulers. These gentleman boast a long history of success in staffing Long Term Acute Care facilities (LTACs) with per diem, travelers, and interim clinical professionals. With this new division, GIFTED HEALTHCARE will be poised for rapid targeted growth in the LTAC market, adding significant value…

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