For employment verification, please email our Verifications Department.

Timesheets are due Monday by midnight for the previous week worked.

Weekly Pay Day is on Fridays, but you may see a routine of direct deposit earlier, unless there is a holiday.


All W2s will be mailed out via USPS by late January.

Note: There is currently no option to view your W2 electronically.


Temporary Addresses:

Please submit a request to have your W2 delivered to your temporary address by early January. Once your W2 has been mailed out, we cannot make any further address changes.


Employees of Gifted Healthcare and RMRG:

You will receive two separate W2s: one for Gifted Healthcare and one for RMRG.

Please be aware, although we print and mail both W2s simultaneously, you may not necessarily receive both at the same time due to USPS postal processing.


Late W2s and PDFs:

A PDF W2 may be requested after February 20th if you have not received your physical W2. Please submit requests to our W2 Support Team, and be sure to include:

  • Full name
  • Year(s) you need PDF copies for
  • Email address you would like the PDF sent to
  • Last 4 of your Social Security Number.

You may sign up for benefits at one of three times:

  1. During the initial enrollment period
    • Up to 14 days after you start your assignment-based contract
      • Look for your benefits email on a Wednesday before or shortly after the start of your assignment.
    • PRN: You must work 120 hours in a calendar month to be eligible for benefits the following calendar month.
  2. During annual open enrollment
  3. Within 30 days of a qualifying event


Please note: benefits deductions may take a few pay periods to begin following your elections.

This depends on whether you are picking up a new contract or not.

  • Yes: So long as there is not a large gap between assignments, Gifted will maintain your coverage until your next contract begins. Once you start your new assignment, you will be responsible for any unpaid premiums.
  • No: Your coverage will continue through the end of your final month on assignment.

Examples: Your current assignment ends on 4/7

  • If your new assignment starts 5/9
    • Your insurance will remain active and you will repay missed premiums when you start your new assignment
  • If your new assignment starts 6/7
    • Your insurance will end on 4/30, but you will be offered new insurance on 6/7
  • If you are not planning to pick up another contract with Gifted
    • Your coverage will end on 4/30

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