You will receive a dedicated specialist who will contact you with a checklist of required credentialing items and develop a plan with you to complete them. Your credentialing specialist will use this initial call with you to determine the timeline, deadline, and order of tasks to be completed, as well as any appointments you may need.

If you have a long list of compliance items to be completed, don’t worry! Your credentialing specialist will help you with every step and will provide step-by-step instructions for success.


Here are the steps to update your application or credentials:

  1. Visit our Workforce Portal
  2. Log in using your information:
    • Usernamefull email address
    • Passwordset when you first applied
  3. Update your application or credentials as needed

You will work together with your credentialing specialist to ensure you are able to meet the deadline required by your facility. Credentials are due NO LATER than the Monday before your start date to ensure you start on time.



  • Physical Exam – Must state you are able to work without restrictions. (Physical Exam Form)
  • Drug Screen – This will be emailed separately, please complete it ASAP.
  • Annual TB or Chest X-Ray, and Review Form – X-ray from the last 5 years. Blood test and PPD must be done annually.
  • HepB Declination3 shot series, or positive Titer.
  • MMR - 2 shot series or Positive titer to Mumps, Rubella, Rubeola.
  • Varicella Titer – 2 shot series or positive Titer. We do not accept “History of Disease.”
  • COVID Vaccine(s)
  • Tdap - within the last 10 years
  • Flu Shot - or signed declination.
  • Mask Fit Test – Completed in the last year. You must provide your own mask at the labs.
  • AHA CPRAHA ACLS (if applicable), AHA PALS (if applicable) – ONLY ACCEPT AHA!
  • 2 government issued IDs – must send: Passport or Driver’s License and Social Security Card or Birth Certificate.
  • Badge Photo – This needs to be from your shoulders up, against a solid color background (preferably white), in a JPEG or TIF format.
  • Voided Check - for your direct deposit.
  • In addition, please set aside approximately 1.5 hours to complete the following on the Workforce Portal:
    • Annual Joint Commission/OSHA Testing
    • Electronic Employment Documents
    • Your Workforce Portal username is your complete email address.
      Your Workforce Portal password is the one you set up when you accepted the invitation.
      We do not have access to your password. It can be reset by hitting the “forgot credentials” button – this takes about five minutes to process and will email you a reset link (please check your junk and spam folders).  
  • Some facilities have additional requirements. Please speak to your credentialing specialist for more details.


Where to send documents

You can upload your credentials in your workforce portal.

  1. Login to Workforce Portal
  2. Click on Profile
  3. Click on Credentials
  4. Select the credential name
  5. Upload photo of your document
  6. Add in an expiration date if required
  7. Click save

To update a credential you already uploaded, click the Edit button on the credential name and update the information accordingly.


Things to keep in mind

  • When you become active with Gifted that does not mean you have been cleared to work by the facility.
  • Credentialing will submit the documents to the facility for final review and approval.
  • The facility’s approval process could take 1-7 days depending on the facility and the number of agency temps they are processing.
  • The sooner we can send documents to the facility, the faster we can get the approval to start.
  • You will receive 1st day instructions upon final approval from the facility
  • In many cases if you are confirmed to start in less than 10 days, you may not receive 1st day instructions until late on Friday and sometimes on Saturday.

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting your compliance deadline, please reach out immediately so we can communicate it to the facility. We appreciate you and we are here to help find locations, answer questions, and guide you through the onboarding process.

You can reach credentialing during the hours of Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST.

You will need to keep your references up to date throughout your assignments. We will continually obtain references throughout your time here with Gifted and ask to have at least 2-3 always listed and updated quarterly if applicable.

Yes. Since Gifted is accredited by the Joint Commission, all items requested are required unless otherwise specified for your facility.

Credentialing from the time you receive your welcome email from start to finish should not exceed 7 days. Within 48 hours we ask that you review and make sure you have all items listed to meet the compliance standards of both Gifted and your Facility.

Contact your credentialing specialist right away with any questions or concerns to see what options you may have.

This depends on the client. Some allow annual TB’s or have specifics such as Tb QTF or 2 step TB within a certain time span. Please work with your compliance manager to ensure you meet compliance and remain compliant.

You can fax them to 918-999-0047 or email to

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