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How much money can you make?

Different professions and locations have different pay rates, and each job type has its own benefits. For instance, travel and local contracts offer higher pay rates, PRN jobs offer more flexibility, and government and school-based jobs offer the opportunity to provide greater impact to the community. We also recommend considering the cost of living, transportation, and your lifestyle when you choose an assignment.

Our recruiters are experts in finding the best job for you, based on your personal needs, goals, and preferences. However, the more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will have to find a high paying job that matches your preferences. Speak with a recruiter to learn more.

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Weekly Pay

We pay you weekly so you can focus on your career and your life.


Dedicated Recruiters

Our recruiters work nonstop to find you the perfect assignment.


Premier Facilities

We’ll connect you with high-quality facilities that boost your career and offer you balance.

On Call

24/7 On-Call CNO

Whether you want career guidance or a sounding board, our CNOs are there for you.


Day 1 Total Health

From the very start, Gifted provides optional health, dental, and vision insurance for all contracts.


Affordable Coverage

From short-term disability to life insurance, our coverage doesn’t break the bank.


Top Referral Bonuses

Want to work with your friends? Gifted will pay you $1,000 for each referral!


Career Coaching

Right from the beginning, we offer resources to reach your nursing goals faster.


Pet Insurance

We love your furry friends too. Keep them safe, whether you’re at home or on the road.


Uniform Discounts

Why should your work expenses come out of pocket? Save on scrubs, shoes, and other uniform needs.


Travel Discounts

Save on anything you can connect to your assignment, from cell phone plans and gym memberships, to rental cars and hotel rooms.


Entertainment Discounts

You deserve a little fun. Save on movie tickets, concerts, theme parks, and more.

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